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Sprigging Bermudagrass is a long term investment in your property,  which can quickly pay for itself if you manage it correctly.

Here are some recommendations to help:


  • Disc or plow your soil to a minimum of six inches to establish a good seedbed that will hold moisture.

  • Break up and smooth out the soil.

  • Make sure there is moisture in your prepped soil before planting. 


First Year Management


Management in the first growing season is crucial to the survival of the stand. Often, weed control is needed in year one.

Before applying herbicides, make certain that Bermudagrass is well rooted and that weeds are heavy enough to inhibit stand establishment.


W also recommend limiting haying or grazing the stand during the first growing season.

When you have a good stand, either hay or lightly graze the new Bermudagrass late in the growing season (August and September), ensuring to not forage below a stubble height of 5 inches. Remember, the goal for the first year is to get a good stand — anything more should be considered a bonus!

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